Enabling connectivity: pioneering procurement solutions for Lightyear


Working with Lightyear we designed a streamlined telecom procurement platform, enabling data-driven decision-making. Our solution included intuitive order tracking and multi-location management, enhancing operational efficiency for their customers.

What we did

We lead the team through an overhaul of the entire procurement journey, developing a user experience that helps users better navigate complex dashboards and contracts. In tandem, we refreshed marketing landing pages with feature animations to guide users through the product in a more engaging way.

Streamlining Telecom Procurement and Management for Enterprise clients.


Friendly Services

  • User Interface Design
  • Experience Design
  • Design Systems
  • Animation

Enabling connectivity: pioneering procurement solutions for Lightyear

Clean, modern solutions displaying complex enterprise telecom data

Simplified demos to convey Lightyears product features

Product demos

Enabling prospective customers to self-educate with animated product storytelling.

Data visualisation

Showcasing Lightyears data tables and charts to create a product story that resonates.

Expressive colour palette

The color palette needed to be flexible and integrate multiple colors to signify the various telecom offerings.

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