Reimagining the online shopping experience for Gen-Z with Galaxy


Galaxy is an ambitious company working  to reinvent the online reselling experience via short-form videos. We worked together to create and revamp core experiences for both shoppers and merchants.

What we did

We worked with the Galaxy team to define their new buyer-side brand with a bold design system targeting Gen-Z shoppers. Using this new brand look and feel, we’ve designed a variety of features for both desktop and mobile, from an AI-driven personal shopping experience to internal tools and marketing campaigns.

Galaxy is a short-form video based platform with an endless style stream to shop vintage, contemporary, and cult brands.

Friendly Services

  • User Interface Design
  • Experience Design
  • Web Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Illustration + Animation
  • Marketing Support

Reimagining the online shopping experience for Gen-Z with Galaxy

A new merchant welcome landing page targeting Gen-Z fashion enthusiasts and resellers
Outfit collage tool
We built an internal tool for the Galaxy sales and marketing team to easily generate unique and varied outfit content for socials and themed promotions.
“Working with Friendly has been an incredible experience, not only as a design partner but also as a thought partner. I’m continuously impressed with their ability to bring outside of the box ideas to new and fresh products.”
Hear from Danny
Galaxy's co-founder and CEO
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Users can share products with friends and get them to vote on the outfit
Personalized style feed
Shoppers go through a chat-based set of queries with Galaxy’s AI which then generates a custom feed of relevant products.

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