Developing a new brand identity for Lawtrades the legal marketplace


Lawtrades is a high-end professional marketplace and also a disruptor in the traditional law firm space. This unique identity was necessitating a fresh and surprising visual approach with a distinctive logo.

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Friendly were tasked with developing a new logo and supporting brand assets that would establish and differentiate Lawtrades in the legal landscape.

Lawtrades is an innovative platform connecting businesses with top freelance lawyers.

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Developing a new brand identity for Lawtrades the legal marketplace

Our journey began with early logo explorations revolving around themes of law, primarily scales and balance.

While this was an obvious direction, we believed there could be a unique appeal if the scales engaged in some form of "trading" or "exchange”. The idea of incorporating an exchange within the letter L itself emerged as more distinctive than the scales.

As our collaboration with Lawtrades deepened, we were drawn to the notion of combining the L with a T, resulting in a collection of compelling, modular marks. These marks leaned into the ideas of growth and collaboration between lawyers and businesses, resonating with Lawtrades' mission.

The equal symbol mark was an immediate success. Its upward and rightward movement signaled growth for both the hiring company and the freelance lawyers. The mark's modularity allowed for infinite stacking of the Ls, highlighting phrases or imagery, and creating endless pattern opportunities. This underscored the platform's vast array of lawyers.

The collaboration with Lawtrades resulted in a logo that shone across mediums, from large scale print to digital screens.

This journey showcases the power of symbiotic collaboration in creating a brand identity that is not only compelling in the law industry but also encapsulates the essence of the client's vision.

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