Designing for a full-stack AI fashion & shopping platform with Galaxy


We worked closely with Galaxy to help translate their successful AI experiments into an intuitive and familiar ecommerce experience.

What we did

Galaxy conducted a large number of experiments to hone in on how best to leverage technical innovations, such as GPT-4, for a shopping experience aimed at their target customers.

They came to Friendly looking for a design partner with the skills to bring this new way of shopping to life.

Galaxy is an e-commerce platform pioneering AI experiences.

Friendly Services

  • User Interface Design
  • Experience Design
  • Web Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Illustration + Animation
  • Marketing Support

Designing for a full-stack AI fashion & shopping platform with Galaxy

By answering a few simple questions, shoppers are quickly immersed in a personalized and engaging shopping experience.
“Working with Friendly has been an incredible experience, not only as a design partner but also as a thought partner. I’m continuously impressed with their ability to bring outside of the box ideas to new and fresh products.”
Hear from Danny
Galaxy's co-founder and CEO
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AI Chatbot
We used whitespace for simplicity, quiet moments and to give surfaced products the best contrast alongside the chatbot.
Shoppers can quickly refine their outfit suggestions at any point, until they find exactly what they're looking for, via the chat-bot floating action button"
Design System
We worked hard to match the UI's look & feel with the bold, engaging visuals that the AI was creating.

We chose a modern, energetic typeface, and a dark colour palette, to bring lots of contrast and highlight the beautiful imagery.
We also created a unique custom icon set that matched the aesthetic of the wide typeface for some additional brand impact.

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